“You can’t be in growth and protection at the same” 

-Dr. Bruce Lipton

“We don’t look at why they’re “broken” and give you ways to “fix” them”

So many families are facing the unknown when they look at what options they have in helping their kids walk through ADHD, ASD, and ADD. A lot of them have already tried countless doctors appointments, and at home solutions like going gluten free, red dye free; trying everything and still coming up with nothing that is bringing help to their family. If you are part of that group, we see you...and our heart behind why we do what we do is to bring that help, hope, and those answers that you have been looking for! 

We know at Reform that we live through our nervous system, it is the master control switch for the entire body. When a kiddo has been exposed to stress: physical, chemical or emotional, over time it impacts how they function. In one case, if the body is stuck in fight or flight (sympathetic), it's like the gas pedal has been pushed to the floor all the time and they aren't able to get to a place of rest and recovery. Oppositely, if their system is not responding because they're stuck in rest and recovery (parasympathetic) and have too much brake, then they can’t interact and respond as they want to. 

This is why we utilize the insight scan: to help us see when kids are stuck in fight or flight or sympathetic. It allows us to measure and understand the function of their central nervous system, and where it needs to go to help them have a balanced life. 

What exactly does a scan show us? 

  • Reserve: how much is left in their tank 

  • Energy: how much it takes for them to be themselves 

  • Depth: how deep it goes 

Looking at these three things, we are able to see where they are at and what needs to happen to get them back on track. We don’t look at why they’re “broken” and give you ways to “fix” them. We look at what’s holding them back from being who they are called to be, and how we can give them a hand in becoming that person! 

The Perfect Storm: Behind The Scenes of ADHD, ADD, and ASD (include link to event here), which we host monthly, looks at the stories and the science behind how this is affecting your kids and how it’s not a hopeless cause; there is hope, help, and answers available for you! 

If you or your kiddo is walking through this challenge, come in and get scanned! Let us meet you where you are and partner with you on this journey to healing.