July 14

Are you exhausted and confused searching for answers for your child?

Hi Parents,
It’s a pretty accepted general rule that parents tend to run a bit closer to empty on the old gas tank. Then take that whole parenting thing, and apply the Perfect Storm layers of added stress to it where parents of children with autism, sensory challenges, anxiety, ADHD, chronic immune challenges, and special needs are flat out exhausted 24/7 trying to keep up. There are so many doctors, specialists, and therapy appointments… mixed in with all the special diets, detoxes, and 294 supplements you’re supposed to give your child each day. We get it parents – you’re exhausted.
And you’re also confused. Where does someone even start with 783 options and recommendations from one post in one Facebook Group? We see it on your faces, in your posture, and on your HRV scans 💻 in the office.

We get you. We feel you. We got you. And, we have a plan! Out of all the things you’ve researched, read, and tried… what if there was 1 thing missing? And what if that thing only took 10 minutes or less, instead of 1, 4, or 8 hours a day?
A recent rockstar mother stated in a Facebook post sharing her PWC and Perfect Storm Care Experience, “Getting him adjusted is by far the single most impactful thing we have done for him.”

For so many parents (and providers) the results of Pediatric Chiropractic care almost seem too good to be true. How can
something so simple, and so fast have so many profound changes? Simple. Our Perfect Storm Care Program influences and impacts the single most important and intricate system in the body – the Central or Autonomic Nervous System.

“The function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment, and coordinate the behavior of all other cells.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

That description really says it all, showing how improving the function and health of that 1 major control system then can improve the health and function of:

  • The Gut & Digestive System – less reflux, bloating, constipation, and inflammation
  • The Respiratory & Immune System – less congestion, irritation, and inflammation
  • The Endocrine & Hormonal System – calming the adrenals, boosting the thyroid, and regulating this ‘messenger’ system

When you focus on neurology as we do, it’s wildly intricate… and yet wildly simple.

The vast majority of children struggling with ASD, ADHD, SPD, Anxiety, and Special Needs are stuck in sympathetic overdrive and fight-or-flight stress mode 24/7. And, so then are their parents.

We bust our butts running them to this appointment, this therapy, and trying this diet or detox… but so often that can often “heighten” the storm instead of calm , because it simply overwhelms an already overwhelmed kiddo (and parent).
Parents, let us help you simplify and “sequence” your child’s healing plan by starting with the most important system first – the brain and nervous system! Every natural health plan needs to start where the storm first started – the nervous system! Our care just takes a matter of minutes yet is that “Single Most Impactful Thing” and, it also goes such a long way to helping your child get so much MORE out of all the other therapies, diet changes, and detoxes you’re doing as well… with countless Pediatric PTs, OTs, SLPs, ABA Therapists, and more sharing with us how much MORE results they can get when a child is also getting adjusted! If you’re reading this and have not yet given us a call and given Pediatric Chiropractic a try, or still want to learn more before making that decision — we got you! You can reach out and chat with a Care Advocate at (972) 810-3930, or get registered for our next Perfect Storm Workshop to learn all about every element of the Perfect Storm 🌪️ We can’t wait to help not only your child get back on track but to
help get your confidence 💪 , energy, and mojo back as mom and dad!


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