June 21

Drew’s Testimony

"In the last two years we have been going through some really hard stuff with Drew.

Meltdowns, tics, OCD, bed wetting, ADHD, Dyslexia… and all the of the behaviors that go along with these challenges. He has set the temperature for our family for YEARS!!!

The last full week of school we hit our breaking point. Drew woke up at 4am, his tics were the worst they had ever been due to anticipation of his class awards. I took Drew to school and came home a ball of anxiety in tears. It’s so hard to see your kiddo struggle and not be able to help.

I jumped on FB to do something for work and the first post stood out to me. I read it… it was a story of my friend’s struggles with her son and how a chiropractor he was seeing had done amazing things for her son. The MOMENT I read her vulnerable and transparent story I was SOBBING!!!! I sent her a voice note that I don’t even know she could understand. I wanted more info ASAP.

That all happened on a Friday and we had an appointment to see Dr. Matt with Reform Family Chiropractic on Monday afternoon! His approach is different than the chiros I had seen in the past. He focused on the nervous system and how it was functioning (or not functioning)… WOW!! With my background and education, why did this not ever cross my mind? I have no idea but it made complete sense!!!

Drew’s poor nervous system wasn’t working the way that God created it to work. Some areas were stuck with the break pedal down, others the gas pedal down and it directly correlated with the behavior we were seeing at home!! Never for anyone else, just at home, but it all clicked!! We were on board and couldn’t wait to get started!

We were expecting things to get worse before they got better, but to our surprise, two adjustments in and we were seeing positive changes!!! Six adjustments in and I was blown away. Was this the same child?!

Dr. Matt’s Christ centered approach to treating the child and families couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for us. He has prayed over Drew, myself and our family on multiple occasions. He knows that it’s not just Drew that is effected. The whole family lives through the struggles and it effects them too! That’s why after a lot of prayer, we have decided our whole family needs to be treated as well.

We are only a small way through his treatment plan and God has given me HOPE. Hope that he will use Dr. Matt as a vessel to heal Drew’s body. To help it relearn how to function the way God created it to function.

If you are interested in the details of our story, please reach out. I wasn’t wanting to write a novel, but instead to share an amazing resource that other families might be praying for and to share how SO VERY THANKFUL the Lord put Dr. Matt in our lives!!"


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