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Hope, Help, Answers.

We aim to IMPACT families by SERVING them FAITHFULLY with EXPERT care & HOPE

Dr. Matt Davis

I knew early on that I I wanted to serve families and the kids that make them special. After attending Chiropractic school I immediately began focusing my treatment and studies on children with the perfect storm. Everyday, I am inspired by the results we see by focusing on neurosensory disorders involved in spectrum disorders.  This work has become my life's purpose and a true gift from God.

Prenatal & Postpartum Care

The foundation for the entire family’s health is built during the perinatal period. Reform's clinical care and empowering support of mom’s from conception all the way through to postnatal care is truly exceptional.

Pediatric Care

Reform's experience and specialty in pediatric care is what truly sets it apart, getting incredible results with everything from fussy and colicky infants, to chronically sick kids, to sensory and spectrum challenges.

Family Wellness

While the typical parent may be always burnt out, exhausted, and stressed, our care at Reform Family Chiropractic allows parents to routinely experience great sleep, more energy, and emotional well-being like never before!

Why We Do What We Do

So many families are facing the unknown when they look at what options they have in helping their kids walk through the perfect storm. A lot of them have already tried countless doctors appointments, and at home solutions like going gluten free, red dye free; trying everything and still coming up with nothing that is bringing help to their family.

If you are part of that group, we see you...and our heart behind why we do what we do is to bring that help, hope, and those answers that you have been looking for!

Care Starts Here

Every single aspect of the care we provide is focused on the nervous system, and promoting what’s called neuroplasticity. Now that’s a really big, nerdy word – but it simply means ensuring that the body’s most important system is able to rest, relax, heal, grow, and adapt.

Success Story!


Everyone, meet Jof!

Everyone, meet Jof! When Jof first came in he had to wear noise canceling headphones, he was very sensitive to noise and overwhelmed by new situations.

Jof has just begun care with Dr. Matt, and yesterday came in not having to wear his noise canceling headphones! He was smiling and so full of joy to not have to be overwhelmed by the noises that he hears every day. He is able to sit at home by the HVAC with his headphones and do homework! Before he was not able to do that. Jof didn’t have to run to his “safe space” when scared by noise but is more capable of handling that anxiety.

There are still more improvements that will come, but we are so proud of this boy and are celebrating these awesome steps on his way to wellness! Jof’s mom was in tears, so excited about the progress that is being made and about care that her son is receiving! Way to go Jof, we are proud of the progress that you have made!


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