April 26

Is your child stuck in The Perfect Storm

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So while it's super cute to talk about Eat, Sleep, and Poop for babies... it's also super critical they actually do those three things with ease. They should consistently rock these three moves, and not need medications or even natural supplements (gripe water, prune juice, etc.) to make these things happen. 

Most often when a little one gets stuck in this stress, tension pattern it's something as simple as a series of safe, gentle chiropractic adjustments that helps get them "unstuck" and unwound... and back on the road to optimal, rockstar health once again! Or even better, our favorite stories at Reform are the ones where there is not much to tell! They get checked and adjusted right after birth, and on a regular wellness care schedule going forward... so that we can find those areas of stress and subluxation long before they even have a chance to wreak havoc on the eat, sleep, poop trifecta, helping ensure that little one starts and stays healthy for life! 

And lastly, the SAME applies when it comes to Ears, Sinuses, Throat, Respiratory stuff 🤧! We call this "Poor Plumbers" and the neurological map laid out above, works with this layer of things for your kiddo too! C1 jams up the ears especially, C2 the sinuses... and then the "connections" continue down the NeuroSpinal system to the throat, lungs, and other challenges in this area! 

Thanks for talking about babies and poop with us! 


The Reform Chiropractic Family 


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