January 25

Kids get sick – Build it up or they Shut down!

I have a very important message for you all right now because this winter season,

almost all of our kids will/have gotten sick. They’re going to get the sniffles and coughs.

They’ll most likely get what many people call seasonal allergies, which is really just a

normal response (if it’s at a normal level) to the weather changes, time changes,

temperature changes, all the leaves, dust, and dryness that is out there right now.

Here’s my take-home message for you right out of the gates – kids get sick; it’s


It’s not something we should always be going into a five-star alarm rushing to the

pharmacy aisle or the pediatrician’s office about. Here’s what’s been happening for a

generation or two of kids… we have shifted our perspective to this idea that kids aren’t

ever supposed to get sick.

I understand neurology, physiology and immunology and I know that kids are designed

to be healthy, and to be healthy, they have to face illnesses and build up resilience and

strength within their bodies to overcome them. It’s simple science, even though it’s

wildly uncomfortable and so difficult as a parent to watch our kiddos struggle with even

a little bit of congestion.

But for parents, it can get concerning when that congestion turns into a cold, and that

cold that should be gone in a day or two turns into a week or two of up at night

struggling to breathe that comes with this big, nasty, barking cough. We may get

stressed out and make that call to the traditional medical world and go down that road of

suppressing the sickness and challenges instead of building them up and helping our

child not only get through that acute illness but build up strength and resilience to go



There are two things you can understand that will give you an incredible ability to help

your child kick the sick naturally or even neurologically. This spring, if we do not build up

our child’s strength in their body, if we instead suppress it with over the counter and

prescription medications, it starts the cascade of nastier respiratory illnesses – things

like the flu, RSV, pneumonia and bronchitis in the middle of fall/winter. What we do now

a couple of months before that will build up or break down their immune, and nervous

systems have everything to do with how they will handle Fall.

This can be tricky to get across, but it is crucial that we have this understanding. We

have to look at things differently. I am so blessed to have worked with countless kiddos

who were buried by illness and have gotten healthy. I know the steps, I know what

causes a child to get sick, and the moment you understand that too, you can start to

grasp exactly what to do to get them healthy and keep them healthy because it’s the



The first thing we have to do is shift our perspective as parents, which is the challenge.

With most families, the first move they make is to trust their pediatrician. A standard,

typical, medically derived pediatrician for the advice and action steps to keep their kids

healthy and get them healthy when they’re sick. The pediatrician has a philosophy and

a perspective that illness means something is broken, therefore, needs to be fixed and

suppressed, and they look to something on the outside to do the job. That is a very

different perspective from that in pediatric chiropractic and natural, holistic, or integrative

health care.

We look at the body and understand God designed it to be strong, but he didn’t design it

to not have challenges. We understand it might have to go through a bump in the road

to get stronger on the other side. It might have to train for the marathon before it comes

to have a chance to get through the marathon… and that’s what winter is. It’s a

marathon for our kids’ neurobiological immune systems and if we don’t start training

right now, if we weaken it and we sit on the sidelines, we’re going to have a long winter.


Here is a simple step-by-step equation to kick the sick naturally and help your child build

up resilience and crush it all winter. Number one, take it easy. If your kid isn’t feeling you

could send them to school, if they were feeling okay other than their cough. But if they

had to push through school, they could be worn out even more and may end up missing

the whole back half of the week. So make sure they take an extra day of rest and get to

bed early. Also try to incorporate some movement and sweat during the middle of the

day, movement and sweat moves the fluid and congestion and helps clear the cough.

Chiropractic adjustments are the cheat code. They’re not even a cheat code. They

are literally required in our family for well being because stress is a part of life. Stress

gets to the neck, shoulders, to those upper areas and that subluxation creates

constriction, congestion, and congestion creates inflammation. We know the neurology

behind subluxation, which is what adjustments fix and so getting her adjusted every

single day really boosted that up.


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