Healthy Kiddos

Hope, Help, Answers!

Dr. Matt is highly trained in pediatric chiropractic care. His fun and gentle disposition will put your little one at ease


Healthy Kiddos

Hope, Help, Answers!

Dr. Matt is highly trained in pediatric chiropractic care. His fun and gentle disposition will put your little one at ease

Pediatric Care

Infants, Toddlers, & The Bigger Kids

In the first few years of life, essential neuro-developmental changes occur. All children need a healthy nervous system to be able to grow, adapt and thrive. How we support children during these years determines their expression of health and well-being. Through chiropractic care we can maximize a child’s brain and nerve development (Wellness).

It is important for infants and toddlers to be checked early in life, to ensure there is no neuro-interference, as the nervous system runs the whole body. Dr. Matt is highly trained in pediatric chiropractic care. He has a fun and gentle disposition and knows how to put your child at ease.

Babies and toddlers experience enormous growth in the first few years of life. Not only are they physically getting bigger, but they are also undergoing essential neuro-developmental changes as well. Because of these critical developmental changes in their early years, it is especially important for infants and toddlers to be checked to ensure there is no neuro-interference.

With a healthy nervous system, children are able to grow, adapt and thrive. Infants and toddlers who have balanced nerve systems experience:

  • Enhanced immune system
  • Reduced colds, earaches, and fewer illnesses (Kick the Sick)
  • Improvement in spinal posture, crawling abnormalities, and latching/suckling issues in breastfeeding
  • Better sleep
  • Help with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome
  • Improvement in behavioral issues
  • Calmer disposition
  • Better sleep
  • Greater connection
  • Help with reaching milestones
  • Diminished asthma and allergies

Bigger kids also benefit from chiropractic care. Kids in elementary all the way through high school, are exposed to more chemical stress, emotional stress and physical stress than any other generation. The world is placing a lot of demand on our big kids to perform and do more. They are growing up faster, learning more complex material, and are pushed to excel in and out of school activities. At Reform Chiropractic, we take a moment to calm the storm and reset their nervous system so they can be amazing people that adapt and thrive.

We understand that the only way a person’s body can function at it’s best is through a fully functioning nervous system. Your nervous system is the master control system of the body. It regulates the overall function of every organ, tissue, and cell. In order for your nervous system to be communicating completely, it requires the brain and the spine to function together as one unit. When this happens “The Power is On”!

When The Power is On, your big kids will see:

  • Increased adaptability
  • Improved sleep
  • Diminished allergies and infections
  • Elevated mood
  • Enhanced performance
  • Improvement with behavioral issues
  • Increased focus
  • Improvement in school

Your child’s health is truly their greatest asset. Sure, kids’ bodies are very resilient, but just like any machine needs service and maintenance for it to run at its best, so does your child’s nervous system. Together we will ensure they are functioning at their ultimate capacity and living life to their fullest potential.

Our Services

ADHD & Sensory

So many families are facing the unknown when they look at what options they have in helping their kids walk through ADHD, ASD, and ADD. A lot of them have already tried countless doctors appointments, and at home solutions like going gluten free, red dye free; trying everything and still coming up with nothing that is bringing help to their family. If you are part of that group, we see you...and our heart behind why we do what we do is to bring that help, hope, and those answers that you have been looking for!

What To Expect

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

I knew early on that I I wanted to serve families and the kids that make them special. After attending Chiropractic school I immediately began focusing my treatment and studies on children with ADHD and Anxiety. Everyday, I am inspired by the results we see by focusing on neurosensory disorders involved in spectrum disorders.

This work has become my life's purpose and a true gift from God.

Success Story

Healing, Hope, and Progress

"I have seen three other chiropractors in the past for lower back issues from a former injury. Dr. Matt is the fourth chiropractor I have seen and the only one I have continued to go back to because he takes the time to educate me on chiropractic care and how it is beneficial to me. I have also personally experienced the benefits of sticking to the plan he set in place for me. My back is feeling much better, but I have also noticed I am overall feeling healthier and happier! Bonus- I can bring my kids in with me to get adjusted (ages 18 months, 4 years, and 5 1/2 years) and Dr. Matt and Megan always go out of their way to make them feel welcome and comfortable.


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