May 23

Perfect Storm Testimony 

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Coltons Chiropractic Journey,


“As some of you may know, Colton suffered with anxiety, melt downs, fear, signs of ADHD, and even possibly Autism. We were at the point that we feared when the school called us, as he had another meltdown or tantrum that couldn’t be controlled. He would have meltdown after meltdown so much that they created a "cool down" zone in his classroom that he could go to after being triggered. Colton would yell out, make threats and/or throw materials around the room. He would have difficulty choosing a safe, productive choice when he was angry. It seemed his body needed to be completely calm before he was able to reflect and have a conversation! During the school assemblies, another teacher would take him for a walk around the school or to the front office to draw and play legos because otherwise it was too loud for him and it would trigger an outburst. He was always emotional and didn’t know how to express it. It was a constant stressful situation for him."

"Steve and I feared the weekends with Colton and walked on eggshells trying to make sure we didn’t cause an outburst. We were at our very last end. I had done some research about how chiropractic care could help with all of this.  A child with ADHD or Autism or SPD is a child whose brain is stuck in the fight or flight mode……the sensory stress mode. It is a clearly defined neurological state with predictable markers and patterns. Colton was never diagnosed with any of it because I refused to take him to a doctor, to be put on meds, to be a complete zombie and have side effects. He is a boy and full of energy. I knew there were other options. And we’re so happy we found Reform Family Chiropractic."

"We were referred by a dear friend who walked a similar path. So after talking to the staff, Dr. Matt Davis and his family, we decided to get scans done and see if this new journey would help Colton. So in December 2021, Dr. Matt began to adjust him and put him on a protocol. He prayed with us. We absolutely love the staff and Dr. Matt like family. They are all so kind and caring, knowing what stress we have been through. The healing didn’t happen over night and it got worse before it got better. But we started to see improvements. He began to THRIVE and EXPRESS LIFE like never before!!!!!"

"Colton is excited and motivated about school. He started to enjoy and participate in writing time more. He can FOCUS now and loves Math! He began attending assemblies with the use of headphones and now doesn’t need them at all, as well he’s not disrupting his class while everyone learns. Colton has been able to heal and live life. He is so much more pleasant to be around. He is happier! We just can’t tell you enough about how happy we are and thankful we found  Reform Chiropractic. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." - Coltons Mom

For so many parents (and providers) the results of Pediatric Chiropractic care almost seems too good to be true. How can something so simple, and so fast, have so many profound changes? It’s SIMPLE. Chiropractic Care influences and impacts the single most important and intricate system in the body - the Central or Autonomic Nervous System. When you focus on neurology, as we do, it's wildly intricate... and yet wildly simple.

The vast majority of children struggling with ASD, ADHD, SPD, Anxiety, and Special Needs are stuck in sympathetic overdrive and fight-or-flight stress mode 24/7.

And, so then are their parents. We bust our butts running them to this appointment, this therapy, and trying this diet or detox... but so often that can often "heighten" the storm instead of calm, because it simply overwhelms an already overwhelmed kiddo (and parent). Parents, let us help you simplify and "sequence" your child's healing plan by starting with the most important system first - the brain and nervous system!

Every natural health plan needs to start where the storm first started - the nervous system!

Chiropractic Care just takes a matter of minutes and it also goes such a long way when helping your perfect storm kiddo get so much MORE out of all the other therapies, diet changes, and detoxes you're doing as well.

With countless Pediatric PTs, OTs, SLPs, ABA Therapists, and more sharing with us how much MORE results they can get when a child is also getting adjusted!

If you're reading this and have not yet given us a call and given Pediatric Chiropractic a try, or still want to learn more before making that decision -- we got you!

You can reach out and chat with a Care Advocate at 972-810-3930 or get registered for our next Perfect Storm Workshop to learn all about every element of the Perfect Storm Science and Chiro Care!

We can't wait to help not only your child get back on track, but to help get your confidence, energy, and mojo back as mom and dad!

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