More Than Just Small Victories

Success Stories

"We LOVE seeing Dr Matt and staff because you can tell they really care about our family. Because of Chiropractic Care we function better as a family naturally. We have no need for meds, shots or surgeries" - Shannon Wills

More Than Just Small Victories

Success Stories

"We LOVE seeing Dr Matt and staff because you can tell they really care about our family. Because of Chiropractic Care we function better as a family naturally. We have no need for meds, shots or surgeries" - Shannon Wills

Success Story

Lincoln (Perfect Storm Participant)

"My son is very sensory seeking as his high energy level, impacts his regulation. Since coming to Reform, Lincoln is becoming more self aware. He loves going to get adjusted and has done a much better job of taking breaths and utilizing coping strategies. We have also seen an increase in healthy sleep. I have a lot of peace knowing that Lincoln is being adjusted and we are supporting his health in a natural way. Y’all are a blessing to our family" - Lincoln's Mom

Success Story

Lacey and Baby Hattie

We have had the privilege of walking alongside these lovely ladies during a story of true faith. Lacey was 37 weeks pregnant with her 5th baby, Hattie. Lacey was informed by her Doctor that Hattie was breech. He left her with no options other than an emergency c section if she didn't turn back the right way. If you can only imagine the stress that followed this news. She panicked and felt helpless. Lacey’s sister sent her right over to us. Dr. Matt was able to see her the same day. We got her nervous system scanned and was able to get a real clear look at what was going on. After just 3 visits with Dr. Matt, sweet baby Hattie turned. I mean, WOW!

That is why we do what we do. But the story doesn't stop there, Lacey realized that Hattie was different from her other babies and was struggling with colic. Hattie was only a few months old when she started to come into our office for care. Dr. Matt was able to reset her nervous system and get her on track. Now, we have the Good family going through Wellness with us. These stories are why we do what we do. We are so thankful to walk with this family.

"It was a breath of fresh air to have options." - Lacey Good

Success Story

The Ramsey Siblings

Declan and Brooklyn came into our office looking for hope, help, and answers for challenges ranging from low immunity, GI stomach issues like vomiting and cramping, tantrums, and sensory issues.

The Ramsey’s had lost hope. The new “normal” was a medication fix, and they were complacent with the idea of how things were supposed to go. Declan would have multiple episodes a month of cramping and vomiting and they had accepted that their children would be classified in categories of ADD/ADHD or otherwise.

A Perfect Storm seminar drew the family in - they were interested in trying it after hearing the science and the potential “why” behind what her kiddos were walking through. Declan came to mind first with his physical struggles, but after hearing Dr. Matt discuss other behavioral issues like sensory processing and tantrums, they knew they had to try it for Brooklyn, too.

Hearing the science changed everything. Hearing the faith in the practice changed everything. Hearing prayer changed everything. Declan and Brooklyn are almost done with their care plans, and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress they have made and their commitment to growth. Declan has been able to get off all IVIG infusions for his low immunity and his levels are all within normal range for 6 months now. He has had less than a handful of Gi issues since beginning treatment, a huge reduction from previously multiple episodes per month. It’s something we thought wouldn’t be possible due to his medical history and challenges. He’s a happier kid and so much more relaxed since being under Dr. Matt’s care. Brooklyn has also been so dedicated to her care, and we love seeing her grow! We are so thankful for the Ramsey family!

Success Story

The Naquin Family

Meet the Naquin Family!! Mom, Lindsey, and her two sons, Alex and Micah are all under care here at RFC. Alex got the party started when he began his care plan, and after the results seen, it wasn’t long before Micah and Lindsey both began their care plan as well.

The Naquin family had tried everything - medications, multiple therapies, surgeries, discipline strategies, many, many meetings with teachers, therapists, doctors, specialists, etc. As a mom, she just couldn’t make herself okay with high powered anti-anxiety meds, ADHD meds, and jumping from one traditional medical specialist to another. She just waned them to be happy, healthy, well adjusted kids. 

Alex was unable to control his emotions well, even on anxiety medication. He struggled with severe anxiety and constant worry.

Micah struggled with lack of focus. He was lethargic, inattentive, and struggled to complete schoolwork.

Lindsey was stressed, anxious, and always tired. She was walking through digestive issues and uncontrollable food cravings, along with bad headaches.

What does life look like for the Naquin Family AFTER getting under care thanks to the referral of a friend? We’re glad you asked - it is a whole new world.

Alex has COMPLETELY transitioned off the anxiety medicine he was on for over three years. Without it, he’s still able to self regulate easier and recover from his big emotions much faster. He worries much less, too!

Micah is focusing more in school. He’s able to complete much more class work and is asking questions and participating in class. His teachers have commented on how amazing he is doing, and he hasn’t had many task refusals since beginning at RFC! He recently COMPLETED a MAP test this past term - prior to RFC, he would take five days and still not always complete the tests. He completed 35 out of the 40 questions in one sitting and the remaining five then next day. “This. Is. Huge!” (Lindsey)

Lindsey is just starting out on her care plan, but she can already see improvements in the daily headaches she had begun having.

Talk about family WINS!!! Lindsey was a mom who was desperate to do whatever she could for her two boys, and wasn’t going to accept more medication. She did what she knew she needed to for her boys - and then for herself also. Family care is at the heart of RFC - celebration is a must for the Naquin’s!!!

Success Story

Luis Garayua

The smiley boy to the left is Luis, who was struggling with attention, focus and emotional regulation struggles. Luis was stuck in a place of fight or flight constantly. Michelle, Luis’ mom, wanted to find a way to address these issues in a natural way. She knew that there had to be another way to help him out.

Moving through his care plan, we were able to identify those areas with interference and see that from our progress scans. We take a look at the growth every 12 visits to assess where he is. Michelle let us know in our Progress Scan meeting that the moment she knew her son was doing better. She woke up one morning to Luis dressed and reading a book quietly. “In the past, that has NEVER happened. It was truly remarkable.” She went on to say that, “Our health and wellness journey is a family dynamic. 

Addressing the issues for our kids but also bringing it back to us and our issues. This allows us to walk the health journey together with our kids. We are confident and trusting in chiropractic.” We are so proud of Luis and Michelle for taking charge of their health. We are so fortunate to take care of the WHOLE family now. This is what we are all about!!!

Our health and wellness journey is a family dynamic. Addressing the issues for our kids but also bringing it back to us and our issues. This allows us to walk the health journey together with our kids. We are confident and trusting in chiropractic. Now the whole family is under our care (Mom included).

Success Story

Everyone, meet Jof!

Everyone, meet Jof! When Jof first came in he had to wear noise canceling headphones, he was very sensitive to noise and overwhelmed by new situations.

Jof has just begun care with Dr. Matt, and yesterday came in not having to wear his noise canceling headphones! He was smiling and so full of joy to not have to be overwhelmed by the noises that he hears every day. He is able to sit at home by the HVAC with his headphones and do homework! Before he was not able to do that. Jof didn’t have to run to his “safe space” when scared by noise but is more capable of handling that anxiety.

There are still more improvements that will come, but we are so proud of this boy and are celebrating these awesome steps on his way to wellness! Jof’s mom was in tears, so excited about the progress that is being made and about care that her son is receiving! Way to go Jof, we are proud of the progress that you have made!

Success Story

Gunner (Prefect Storm Participant)

Gunner is what we call a Perfect Storm kiddo. He came into our office with an exhausted mom who just wanted to help her kiddo. Her goals were to help him calm down, regulate his emotions better and be overall happy. He was having angry outbursts, extreme tantrums and was super emotional. He wasn't able to handle the stress that life was throwing at him. She felt helpless as a mom which we see so often here. He has been constant over the past few months, working hard and is doing amazing things!

Gunner now smiles more, comes out of his tantrums faster and is more relaxed. When his mom shared with us the changes she has seen in her boy, we couldn't help but smile! Gunner’s mom said that she found herself changing with him. Finding new ways to be his cheerleader and allow him to fully feel his emotions without getting frustrated. This is what it's all about. Helping kids and changing families lives. We are so proud of you, Gunner!

"As parents it's our job to help them however we can but at the end of the day accept and love them where they are at.." - Gunner's Parents